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Carpet Cleaning Beenleigh can assist the people of Beenleigh with all their rug cleaning requirements. We have a rug cleaning Beenleigh team that is well-qualified to deliver you all kinds of rug cleaning services. Whether you have a synthetic, hand made, machine made, or delicate fabric rug. 

We can be your rug’s best friend. Our expert cleaners can clean silk, woolen, cashmere, Persian, as well as hand tufted rugs. Moreover, we offer onsite Rug Cleaning Beenleigh services so that you can inspect the entire process. Additionally, we always listen to our client’s needs so that we can assure complete satisfaction. As soon as the prices are considered, we are very affordable. So, hurry up! Call us now to book your first service. 

Some Tips To Keep Your Rugs Looking Clean And Tidy

  1. Treat your spills immediately. Immediately treating the spill will not give it time to set in. You can also contact us if the stain seems stubborn.
  2. Make sure to keep your rug dry at all times. Even after you clean the spill, make sure that the surface under the rug is also dry. Moisture invites mould, bacterias, pests, and whatnot.  
  3. Never rub the stain. Gently blot the stain. If you rub the stain, it will just spread in a bigger area. 
  4. You can absorb the moisture in the rug because of the spill using a soft towel. 
  5. Never forget to vacuum your rug. Vacuuming regularly will prevent any severe dust accumulation. 
  6. Do not trust all the stain removal products in the market. Some of these products can also fade your rug’s colour. If the situation demands a stain removal product, hire professionals for efficient cleaning. 
  7. If you want to avoid furniture indentations. Use furniture cups under your furniture. 
  8. Make sure to rotate your rug on a regular basis. This will distribute the daily wear and tear equally. 

Our 10 Step Rug Cleaning Beenleigh Process For Efficient Results

  1. Rug Inspection: We inspect your rug from the front and back. Take pictures of the affected area to treat it effectively. 
  2. Soil Removal Treatment: Prior to the rug thorough bathing. We remove the soil from the rug using highly powerful vacuum cleaners.
  3. Colour Tests: We colour test your rugs to ensure that there is no rug bleeding. 
  4. Fringe Cleaning: People often avoid cleaning fringes because vacuuming fringes can damage them. Therefore, fringes are the dirtiest. So, our cleaners hand wash the fringes to assure that there is no damage. 
  5. Shampoo: We use the best equipment to shampoo your rug. Our machine gently agitates the front and back of your rug to ensure accumulated soil removal. 
  6. Rinsing: Then we rinse your rug. And remove if there is any residue. 
  7. Rug Grooming: We groom your rugs with our hands. Also, we comb the fringes and nap the rug fabric. 
  8. Drying: We then dry your rug. Our team makes sure to eliminate the moisture from the rug entirely. This further brings your rug back to its original state. 
  9. Post-Assessment: After that, we again do an inspection of your rug. Match the before and after pictures for assurance. 
  10. Post Vacuuming: We again vacuum the rug just to eliminate if any dust contact took place during the process. 

We Also Offer Pet Odour And Pet Urine Treatment

If you have pets, you know how difficult maintaining a rug can be. Pets just love sitting on the rugs. Don’t they? Well, if the main problem with your rug is pet urine or pet odour. Then you can rely on us. Our company majors in pet odour and pet urine treatments. Moreover, we offer these treatments at highly reasonable prices. 

Additionally, the cleaning agents we use for this treatment are pet-friendly as well as kid-friendly. So, you have nothing to worry about, your safety is our responsibility. Also, we sanitize your rug after the treatment. So that there are no bacterias still having a party on your rug. Book us today. 

Why Choose Our Rug Cleaners? 

  • Our company voted the best rug cleaning service providing company in Beenleigh. Carpet Cleaning Beenleigh is also certified with IICRC. 
  • We believe in green cleaning. And we take our customer’s safety is our priority. Therefore, the products used by us are eco-friendly, pet friendly, and kid-friendly. 
  • Our services use industry-standard cleaning techniques. We invest in the most advanced technology for rug cleaning. Therefore, we deliver quality cleaning. 
  • Our entire cleaning team is trained to deliver high-quality services. We maintain professionalism in our business. Therefore, we are always on time. 
  • When it comes to experience, our company has been ruling the market for years. 

Book Us Affordable Rug Cleaning Services

The prices we ask for rug cleaning are minimal. However, the quality of our rug cleaning services is always on top. We believe in efficient cleaning. Therefore, our rug cleaning process does not cost us much. So, we charge a fair amount to our customers. Moreover, our company is customer-centric. So, we believe more in benefiting the customers than benefitting our pockets. Our clients can freely ping us if they want a free quotation. There are no obligations to our free quotation benefits. 

Stubborn Stains On The Rug? Book Us

A single stain can completely ruin the look of your expensive rug. We do not want that for you. Therefore, we render affordable stubborn stain removal services as well. The stain on your rug is impossible to remove? Well, try us! We can remove all stain types irrespective of how stubborn they are. Contact us now to have a stain-free rug.